I fell in love with User Experience in the fall of 2013. You can see the moment in the middle of Leah Buley's talk, Secrets from the User Experience Team of One, when I asked her if I had a place in the UX universe. 

What you can't see in this video is the part where I nearly fell out of my chair from pure excitement. 

FINALLY! The intersection of what I cared about most had a name! There were specialists in the field! There was work to be done in the world and most of all, I could help. 

Since that moment, I talked to every single professional in the field I could find and looked for ways to grow my skills without starting from scratch. After speaking with one very prominent Chicago UX'er, I decided to start UXBookMKE. 

Milwaukee's UX book club brings together professionals in the field and surrounding the field of User Experience to learn new techniques, have meaningful discussions and put our reading into practice. It's been one of the greatest joys to facilitate discussions around what I'm passionate about. Upon leaving Milwaukee, UXBookMKE has been passed on to two of my very capable colleagues to continue to conversation.