In order to create products that are meaningful to our users, a few things have to happen first. We have to understand our current users, their likes, dislikes and motivation for using our product in the first place.

We have to understand our desired users, their wants, needs and motivation for using other products in the marketplace. We also need to understand where our product has a competitive edge in the marketplace; offering something no other product can. 

To do this, we have to talk to people. Often a hurdle, the anecdotes that come out of these interviews are extremely valuable as they inform and guide the development of the user experience as it aligns with business requirements. 

Personas are born out of distilling interviews into meaningful portions. Meant to be shared with the larger team to climb into our users' shoes, personas inform and guide design decisions as the process evolves. 

Personally, I love crafting personas. So much so that I helped out teaching this tool during DESIGNATION.

MCTS Project Team: Dan Hopewell, Justin Wu, Miguel Yupangco