I started at Fuzzy Math in September of 2014 as a UX Intern.

In January 2015, I came aboard the Fuzzy Math team as a UX Designer because the work I was producing was far and away above that of an intern. Since then, I've worked with almost each of our 13 team members on our client projects; understanding complex and thorny problems and working as a team to solve them.

As a member of the team, I worked with other UX designers, visual designers and our in-house developer conducting interviews with key stakeholders, peeling apart what we heard as a team and fully understanding the problem we were trying to solve. I created sketches and wireframes for critique and feedback from the team and our clients, applied new methods I learned through the Chicago UX professional network and dedicated myself wholly and completely to delivering the best solution within our clients' reach. 

I took to heart my professional goals of learning as a team and really nailing the execution during this time. I solicited feedback from members of my project team and non-members to ensure I was on the right track and incorporated their feedback into my daily process. I absolutely, positively love what I do and the team I do this work with.

For samples of my work, please give me a shout!