In a former life, I lived, breathed and sustained 4 brands at a time. 

For anyone whose worked in Advertising, "Brand Manager" and "Strategist" can mean just about anything under the sun. But rarely do we find ourselves in a position of creating a new brand and constructing its strategy from the ground up. During my time at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel I managed the classified brands of the business; birthing their social media accounts, working tirelessly to update their platforms and offerings with our internal teams and our vendors, finding new solutions for the sales team to take to market, crafting advertising plans and schedules and creating business strategies for each arm of the classifieds. 

I can tell you where we saw some successes and some failures but most importantly, I can show you how this work has influenced and informed my passion for User Experience. I don't pretend to be a visual designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe firmly in the creation and support of a strong brand identity. While I may not be the one creating the style tiles, I know how to ask someone whose skill sets are in this arena to lend a hand. 

Style tile and interaction screens created by myself in Adobe Illustrator.